Paul Speight

Watch Manager
Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service

Paul has worked for Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service for 32 years, with 16 years of operational experience, he decided to take a promotion into the Community Safety Department. Paul had the reference for road safety, quickly excelling in bringing emerging technology to the forefront of road safety education.

Producing the VF4-360 film (Virtual Fatal Four), an immersive experience making training/learning enjoyable and engaging, and now used worldwide. Paul’s next project would make the Fire Service look at current training methods. Virtual reality fire investigation, where a real scene would be copied and re-created as a digital twin, allowing for consistent, quality repeatable training in a hazard-free environment. Paul was then given the reference for Virtual Reality and emerging technologies and is now the subject matter expert within the UK’s Fire and Rescue Service.

Data Talks Conference

24th November 2021

09:40 - 10:00

We Inherit the Past – We create the Future: The Training of the Future – Adapt-Innovate-Overcome

Paul will take you through how current fire investigation training methods have minor flaws,  easily removed by adopting virtual reality, giving an experiential learning experience aiding cognitive development.

Quality, repeatable training that’s engaging, fun, and enjoyable is this the training of the Future!


11:20 - 11:50

Panel Debate: Morning Roundup