Mohammad Syed

Lead Data Strategist
Carruthers & Jackson

I work with the world’s brightest business leaders to transform their organisations through Data & Digital.

I have created consulting practices and delivered Data transformations for over 15 years across many industries. My expertise covers Data Strategy, Architecture, Management, Analytics, ML/ AI & Cloud.

I am passionate about innovation, cultural change, thought leadership and developing young people.

Data Talks Conference

24th November 2021

15:50 - 16:10

Why we need a Data Governance 4.0

Data has gone through several epoch over the 3rd Industrial Revolution, and it set to again change radically as we move into the 4th. While this has fundamentally altered the nature of Data Architecture & Platforms, the way we think about governing our data seems to have remained the same. This has to change


16:10 - 16:40

Panel Debate: Afternoon Roundup